Regan Beach Wedding | Smita + Akash

First look surrounded by pine trees in South Lake Tahoe
Groom smiles as he sees his wife in her wedding dress for the first time
Groom wipes off a tear as he sees his wife in her wedding dress for the first time
Bride and her sister and maid of honor standing together
Bride twirling around in her wedding gown, surrounded by pine trees in Lake Tahoe
Bride twirling around in her wedding gown, surrounded by pine trees in Lake Tahoe
Bride looking down on her white wedding gown
Bride and groom touch foreheads as they take their first look photos
Bride and groom hold hands as the rings are exchanged at their wedding at Regan Beach
Beautiful day for a wedding at Regan Beach
Bride says her vows to the groom, with the minister looking at them
Bride's father holds his daughter's hand as they prepare to walk down the aisle
Bride's mother hugs her after the ceremony
Guests clap and cheer as the couple walks down the aisle, officially married
Bride looks longingly at the groom as they finish exchanging rings
Bride and groom hold each other in front of a mountain backdrop in South Lake Tahoe
Groom smiles at the bride as they walk hand-in-hand after their marriage ceremony
Wedding party and guests surrounded by tall trees at Regan Beach, South Lake Tahoe

Regan Beach Wedding – South Lake Tahoe, CA

Smita and Akash’s Regan Beach wedding in South Lake Tahoe is simple and elegant in every detail. Combining both of their styles and personalities, they opted for an intimate and laid-back wedding with their friends and family, who brought the fashion. This family knows how to dress!

We started the day at the hotel to get ready, then it was time for the First Look. They wanted a forest setting, so we went to Lake Village for their initial photographs. With their close friends and family in tow, Smita surprised Akash with a gorgeous wedding dress and bouquet. Akash held back tears, seeing his beautiful bride-to-be for the first time before the ceremony.

Of the many outdoor wedding locations along Lake Tahoe, the Regan Beach wedding venue is a hidden gem. Surrounded by pine trees that provide plenty of shade, it’s the perfect venue for a cool midsummer wedding. You can see a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe, providing a perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

The best part? Booking this location only requires a permit from the city for a special event. If you are looking for a budget wedding in Lake Tahoe, this is it. An affordable way to get married in Lake Tahoe with stunning views and photographs!

Shot for Lauren Lindley Photography

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